Next Generation Service Corps

The Next Generation Service Corps inspires and prepares college students to serve their communities and nation.


The Next Generation Service Corps (NextGen Service) is a ground-breaking initiative that draws diverse, talented young people into government careers. Through NextGen Service, Schools of Public Service are introducing undergraduate students to public service values and building practical, collaborative leadership skills, regardless of their chosen major. NextGen Service benefits students nationwide, particularly students from underrepresented backgrounds, by opening the door to careers in public service and overcoming long-standing informational and systemic barriers. The initiative benefits our democracy by developing young leaders with the talent and wherewithal to rise to the challenges of our time.


Inspired by the pioneering Public Service Academy (PSA) at Arizona State University Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, NextGen Service programs:

  • Engage students in a multi-year curriculum;
  • Recruit students from all disciplines and majors;
  • Prioritize recruitment of student populations traditionally underrepresented in government;
  • Emphasize public service values and community engagement;
  • Integrate experiential learning through internships and mission-focused projects;
  • Offer structured opportunities to collaborate with fellow students outside the classroom; and
  • Award a credential upon completion.

While all NextGen schools share these principles, each participating school customizes its program to leverage the assets of its student body and community.

The Volcker Alliance facilitates the sharing of resources and best practices among participating NexGen Service schools to inform program design. The Volcker Alliance offers schools a range of support to inform and accelerate planning and implementation efforts, including seed funding, technical assistance, project management, and structured opportunities to share progress and lessons learned.

NextGen Connect

NextGen Connect

Key to the initiative is the cultivation of a professional community of leaders. “NextGen Connect,” an online interactive platform, facilitates networking and cross-school activities among NextGen Service students and alumni. NextGen Connect opens doors to job opportunities, internships, and events that deepen students’ knowledge and skillsets and help forge durable professional connections.

NextGen Service ASU Students

Join the NextGen Service Movement

The value of diverse and prepared leaders in every professional sector—public, private, and non-profit—has never been so clear. NextGen Service programs are not only developing new leaders who can rise to the challenges of our time, but also giving them the tools to change the course of our future.


If you are interested in joining our growing network of universities committed to preparing undergraduate students for public service, email to schedule a virtual consultation.

Paul A. Volcker Government Internship Award

The objective of the Paul A. Volcker Government Internship Award is to open the door to careers in public service and help NextGen Service Corps students gain vital skills to better serve their communities and nation. The award provides funding to NextGen Service Corps students participating in internships with local, state, or federal government.