Our Work

The Volcker Alliance empowers the public sector workforce to solve the challenges facing our nation. The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization is inspired by the legendary public service of our founder, Paul A. Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, and his vision of a public sector workforce with the experience, preparation, and commitment to ensure government is accountable and delivers with excellence. Our work supports current and aspiring public servants by strengthening public service education, championing public service values, and providing strategies to help them deliver better results.

Current Initiatives

The Deans Summit provides a space for innovation and collaboration among deans and directors of the nation’s comprehensive Schools of Public Service.
We know the more government can collect, manage, analyze, and lead with quality data, the better the results. Our GEAR Center Challenge pilot, launched in fall 2019, is training federal practitioners to improve the use of data for decision-making and accountability, including for policy-development, innovation, oversight, and learning.
The G2U Initiative is an innovative approach to addressing critical governance challenges by building regional networks of governments and universities. G2U sustainably connects government’s hiring and research needs with local university capacity.
The Next Generation Service Corps seeks to create an American democracy strengthened by broad participation in public service, diverse leadership, and constructive collaboration by inspiring and preparing college students to serve their communities and nation as well as drive change.
Effective government starts with YOU! The Volcker Alliance hosted this contest in partnership with CUNY to recognize students who aspire to pursue careers in public service. This 2020 essay contest is now closed for submissions.
The Public Service Curriculum Project aims to provide an unobstructed view of the current state of the field of public service education. The Project will utilize machine learning and other advanced analytical tools to assess and catalog defining characteristics of leading public service education programs.
The central objectives of the Public Service Education Accelerator are to catalyze innovation to strengthen public service curricula, impart public service values to a broader group of students across all disciplines, and amplify the capacity of Schools of Public Service to inspire and prepare the next generation of public servants.
The Truth and Integrity in Government Finance initiative is a multiyear study of state and local budgeting, financial reporting, and fiscal practices across the United States.

Completed Initiatives

This initiative aimed to assure the long-term stability and effectiveness of the global financial system, with a focus on reshaping federal regulation of the financial markets in America. The Volcker Alliance concluded its work in this area in April 2020.
In 2016, the Volcker Alliance examined the state of the public workforce responsible for $2 trillion in procurement spending each year and published a report proposing a model of the essential skills and competencies required for public procurement that could be applicable at all levels of government.
Preparing Tomorrow’s Public Service is an initiative of the Volcker Alliance focused on spurring educational innovation to meet the challenges of complex governance in the future.
Renewing America’s Civil Service is a joint initiative of the Partnership for Public Service and the Volcker Alliance to press for an overhaul of the outdated federal civil service system. Backed by a bipartisan group of leaders from across sectors, we are focused on identifying tangible legislative and executive branch solutions to the most severe problems in the government personnel system.
In September, 2013, the Alliance held its inaugural meeting, in partnership with the Salzburg Global Seminar, on "Restoring the Public's Trust: Delivering on Public Policy Goals."
The Volcker Alliance partnered with leading schools of public policy and administration to understand and produce a working paper on how the community balances consideration of faculty research, teaching, and service.