Deans Summit

The Deans Summit provides a space for innovation and collaboration among deans and directors of the nation’s comprehensive Schools of Public Service. 



The Deans Summit provides a space for innovation and collaboration among deans and directors of the nation’s comprehensive Schools of Public Service. Deans and directors collaborate throughout the year to advance common priorities and strengthen the field of public service education. The Volcker Alliance assists with coordination, project management, facilitation, documentation, and other supporting activities related to the Deans Summit.

Dean Trevor Brown of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University is the chair of the Deans Summit. He succeeded Angela Evans, dean emeritus of the LBJ School at the University of Texas at Austin, who founded the Deans Summit and served as chair from 2017 to 2020.

The Deans Summit meets annually. To make continuing progress between annual meetings, deans and directors form topically focused working groups. These groups convene regularly to explore tactical ways Schools of Public Service can innovate and advance select priorities—either programmatically, on campus, or through external facing activities and communications. The group established three working groups for 2021: addressing structural racism, engaging active public servants, and strengthening democratic institutions. Please check back in January for an updated list of 2022 working groups.

Addressing structural racism (Chairs: Susan Gooden and David Van Slyke):

This working group will explore specific ways deans can take targeted and collective actions to address structural racism. Possible areas of focus include recruitment and support of minority deans; aligning school resources to combat structural racism, particularly for black faculty and students; allocation of discretionary resources to promote anti-racism activities; mentorship programs for administrators of color; or innovative approaches to engaging students and community members in anti-racism activities and campaigns.

Engaging active public servants (Chair: Trevor Brown):

Schools of Public Service are uniquely suited to meet the professional development needs of public servants seeking to maintain cutting edge skills and to keep up with rapidly changing contexts for policy development and implementation. As course offerings have transitioned to a digital format due to the pandemic, an unprecedented opportunity exists for Schools of Public Service to amplify their reach and impact by collaborating to offer professional development content. This working group will explore ways Schools of Public Service might work together to do just that.

Strengthening democratic institutions (Chairs: Henry Brady and Alasdair Roberts):

Declining public trust in government is the modern crisis of public service, with broad and dangerous implications for the health and welfare of democracy and the institutions that comprise it. This working group will focus on developing new strategies for Schools of Public Service to partner and coordinate their efforts in support of democratic and inclusive governance and human rights, domestically and abroad, and restore confidence in public institutions for all groups.

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