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Video: Sara Mogulescu, Thomas W. Ross

Learn more about context for the G2U Initiative, Washington, D.C. launch event, and goals for the future of G2U in this short video.


The Partnership for Public Service established the “Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement Award” to honor Volcker's public service legacy.

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The Partnership for Public Service has named the Sammies Medal for career achievement the “Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement Award.”

Commentary: John Kamensky

Tom Ross, Volcker Alliance president, announces an initiative to join up academics and practitioners to solve problems from the bottom up.

Press Releases

The first two Government-to-University Regional Councils will be located in the Austin and Kansas City regions.
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The first phase of G2U culminated in the launch of two G2U Regional Councils in Kansas City and Austin.

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The Academic-Practitioner Exchange panel gathered experts to discuss collaboration between academics and practitioners in public administration.

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Ms. Mello discussed the public service workforce crisis, and Mr. Light examined historic challenges in public administration and democracy.

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Richard Ravitch and his wife Kathleen M. Doyle received the New Yorker for New York Award at the CCNYC' New Yorker for New York Gala.

Commentary: Paul A. Volcker

Paul Volcker considers the state of banking today in an interview with bank analyst Mike Mayo of the CFA Institute.


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