Student-Athletes as Student-Activists: Expanding the Reach of Schools of Public Service

The Volcker Alliance



Social justice protests among professional and student-athletes have launched college athletics into an intensely political space. Student-athletes are more energized than ever to use their platform to pursue social change and Schools of Public Service can provide the tools to help student-athletes constructively channel their activism into impact.

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Department of Athletics at The Ohio State University are partnering to help undergraduate student-athletes effectively navigate their newfound political role. This conversation, hosted by the Next Generation Service Partnership on Friday, January 29, from 1-2 p.m. EST, featured The Ohio State University’s Trevor Brown, Dean of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Director of Athletics Gene Smith, and student-athlete Kristen Romano. Attendees learned about the new collaboration between the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Athletics Department and explored ways Schools of Public Service can leverage curricula and expertise to engage student-athletes.

Trevor Brown
Dean, The Ohio State University’s Glenn College of Public Affairs

Gene Smith
Director of Athletics, The Ohio State University

Kristen Romano
Student-Athlete, The Ohio State University

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