Virtual Career Fairs

Motivated students and recent graduates are eager for careers where they can use their skills to make a difference. Governments are actively pursuing effective strategies to recruit the next generation of public servants. G2U virtual career fairs are a powerful conduit to connect jobseekers directly with government hiring managers and high-need public service jobs.

G2U Virtual Career Fair Flyer
Virtual Career Fair Interface

This year, the G2U Initiative launched a new effort to connect students and jobseekers to career opportunities in government through a series of virtual job fairs. In January, we hosted a career fair focused on federal opportunities nationwide, using Brazen, a comprehensive virtual event platform. Over 175 recruiters from an array of federal agencies attended – including the FBI, the Department of State, and the Internal Revenue Service – and their compelling job opportunities drew over 1,300 jobseekers from across the country.

Subsequently, G2U has hosted additional fairs in partnership with the State of North Carolina and the Presidential Management Fellows Program. We continue exploring partnerships to host additional fairs on an ongoing basis, segmented by geography, occupation, and levels of government. Leveraging innovations in technology accelerated by the pandemic, the Alliance hopes to catalyze new markets for talent connection and to elevate government as a leading employer for talented young people.

If your organization is interested in exploring whether G2U virtual career fair can help enhance the pipeline of talent into government service, reach out to us at