We seek to inspire others with the story of Mr. Volcker's commitment to public service. Mr. Volcker passed away in 2019 after serving almost 30 years in the federal government, culminating in his historic two terms as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He envisioned this organization as the steward of his legacy and the vehicle for championing his passion for public service in the next generation. 

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Paul A. Volcker Government Internship Award

The objective of the Paul A. Volcker Government Internship Award is to open the door to careers in public service and help NextGen Service Corps students gain vital skills to better serve their communities and nation. The award provides funding to NextGen Service Corps students participating in internships with local, state, or federal government. 

Winners and Nominees

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement Medal

The Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement Medal is awarded every fall to recognize the achievements of exemplary federal public servants. Winners are chosen based on their demonstrated leadership, the significance and impact of their accomplishments, how well they foster innovation, and the extent to which they exemplify excellence in public service over a career of at least twenty years in federal government.


Paul A. Volcker Fund for the Future of Public Service

The Fund for the Future of Public Service awards grants to spur innovation and the scaling of best practices in public service education, recruitment, and workforce development.

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The Memoir of Paul A. Volcker

Published in 2018, Keeping At It: The Quest for Sound Money and Good Government, co-authored by Christine Harper, encompasses the decades-long career of our founder Paul A. Volcker.