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Truth and Integrity in Government Finance

The Truth and Integrity in Government Finance initiative is a multiyear study of state and local budgeting, financial reporting, and fiscal practices across the United States. 

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Special Briefing

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Fiscal Outlook of State and Local Governments.

A series of sixty-minute online conversations featuring experts from the Volcker Alliance’s national research network and Penn IUR, along with other leading academics, economists, and federal, state, and local leaders.

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State and Local Budgeting in the COVID Era Issue Papers

The State and Local Budgeting in the COVID Era issue paper series builds on the work of previous research efforts to focus on the impact of the pandemic and resulting recession on states and localities; explore how budgeting policies of states prior to the pandemic have impacted how well they were able to handle the crisis; identify risks and opportunities within states that will contribute to their ability to successfully recover from the financial impacts of COVID-19; and make recommendations for policy improvements that will contribute to the fiscal sustainability of states.

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State Budgeting Reference Guide and Grades

An annotated reference guide to state budgets, financial reports, and fiscal analyses, with State Budget Report Cards based on FY 2015-19.


State Budgeting Data Lab

Slice and dice the data to dive deep into the Truth and Integrity in State Budgeting project's research results.


Next Generation Service Corps

The Next Generation Service Corps inspires and prepares college students to serve their communities and nation.