The Volcker Alliance has helped define the field of public service education. Our work with our partners has driven innovation in both undergraduate and graduate level curricula at schools of public service and has expanded learning opportunities for active public servants.

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Deans Summit

Deans Summit

The Deans Summit provides a space for innovation and collaboration among deans and directors of the nation's comprehensive Schools of Public Service. 

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Future Leaders of Schools of Public Service

The goal of the Future Leaders of Schools of Public Service program is to create more racially and ethnically diverse leadership in schools of public service. 


Conversations for Leaders of Schools of Public Service

The Alliance coordinates and facilitates peer-to-peer conversations among leaders of schools of public service, tackling shared leadership challenges in real time. 

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University Leadership Council on Diversity and Inclusion in International Affairs

The University Leadership Council connects academic leaders of top US graduate schools in international affairs and public policy, enabling them to engage with one another and share strategies for fostering attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion at their respective institutions.

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Constructive Dialogue Curriculum Initiative

The Constructive Dialogue Curriculum Initiative helps schools of public service implement innovative curricula that prepare the next generation of public service leaders to bridge divides and work collaboratively across differences.