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Podcast: William Glasgall

How effective are gasoline taxes, and what is deferred infrastructure maintenance? Listen to find out!

News: Event Coverage

Read a summary of the FY2020 State Fiscal Conference and watch videos of the conference panels and keynotes.

News: Event Coverage

William Glasgall joined a panel of experts for a webinar on "The Performance Challenge of Infrastructure Maintenance." Watch here.


As a program assistant, Mr. Reed provides support for a variety of the Alliance’s initiatives, including G2U.


Here, we share Alex’s story of why he first chose to pursue government finance research, and why he has stuck with it.
Public Finance

Commentary: Raphael Bostic

Atlanta Fed president and CEO Raphael Bostic shares his thoughts on inflation, inflation measures, and monetary policy.

News: Event Coverage

The Alliance and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta co-hosted a solutions-oriented state fiscal conference in Atlanta on July 10-11.

Press Releases

The event also marks the release of a working paper entitled “Rainy Day Fund Strategies: A Call to Action.”

Commentary: Antonio Weiss

Resolving Puerto Rico’s status is a critical step in allowing the territory to chart a sustainable long-term economic course.