Ross Addresses State and Local Government Leaders

Friday, October 7, 2016
The Volcker Alliance

Thomas W. Ross, president of the Volcker Alliance, spoke in Chicago at a forum for state and local government leaders hosted by Governing magazine and McKinsey & Company. Titled Smarter States, Smarter Cities: Transformative Approaches for a New Era, the program explored how government leaders can build capacity to address challenges posed by large-scale societal, economic, and technological changes.

Drawing on his background as a leader in higher education, Mr. Ross spoke about the nexus of economic and workforce development and higher education. He talked about the challenge of aligning education with the requirements of tomorrow’s labor market. Mr. Ross urged government leaders to serve as a liaison across sectors—working with corporations and educational institutions in the public interest of building a robust economy. “Talent,” he said, “is the economic battlefield of today.” He presented a strong case for the importance of a college education for economic development noting that not only do graduates have higher incomes and higher rates of employment, but also their presence attracts corporate investment and their spending supports local businesses.

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