2023 Annual Report


Reflection from Senator Bradley and Sara Mogulescu 

At a time when division dominates the national narrative, the Volcker Alliance is strengthening democracy by bringing people together. Our portfolio of work focuses on the people at the core of public service and, by doing so, serves as a steadfast source of optimism. 

The example set by our founder, Paul A. Volcker, anchors our efforts and motivates our team. As a public servant, Chairman Volcker never allowed politics to influence his pursuit of smart policy. He valued partnership over partisanship. He built deep connections with thinkers and leaders of all kinds. As part of his legacy, we uplift the value of working together toward the public good. 

Throughout 2023, we deepened our networks—of public servants, students, higher education leaders, philanthropists, and nonprofit peers—to coordinate and amplify our impact on public service. We designed and implemented initiatives to ensure our democracy has leaders at the helm who understand the imperative of service. Through our work, we are building a bench of changemakers who represent the diversity of our country and stand ready to collaboratively shape its future. 

Democracy is a project in which we all have a stake. Together we can make it more reflective, responsive, and resilient. 

- Senator Bill Bradley, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Sara Mogulescu, President