Our Mission

The Volcker Alliance empowers the public sector workforce to solve the challenges facing our nation.


We envision a public sector workforce with the experience, preparation, and commitment to ensure government is accountable and delivers with excellence.


The Volcker Alliance is a nonprofit founded in 2013 by former Federal Reserve Board chairman Paul A. Volcker, dedicated to advancing his vision of an empowered public sector workforce. Our work supports current and aspiring public servants by strengthening public service education, championing public service values, and providing strategies to help them deliver better results. We build partnerships with government and universities, promote innovation in public service education, drive research on effective government, and inspire others with the story of Mr. Volcker’s commitment to public service. We believe:

  • Government should be responsive to its citizens, transparent in its operations, accountable for delivering on its promises, and visibly held to the standard of robust and unbiased measures.
  • Public service is a high calling, and it is critical to engage our most thoughtful and accomplished citizens in service to the public good.
  • Government functions best when its system of civil service is independent, stable, and staffed by public servants who are experienced and expert in their domains.
  • Our public workforce and government institutions must be dynamic: designed to encourage innovation, leverage technology, and adapt to the needs of a changing nation in an evolving global context.
  • The performance of our government institutions depends critically on the training and education of talented public servants, and this responsibility is shared by our government, by our institutions of higher education, and by leading institutions in every sector of society.
  • Government must be a responsible steward of financial resources, diligent in avoiding waste, assiduous in seeking evidence to assess the effectiveness of its initiatives, and proactive in helping citizens understand the long-term sustainability of its operations.