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Congratulations to Arslan Mohamed and Jason Waitkus, the 2019 winners of the Paul A. Volcker Careers in Government Essay Contest!


Leaders of the Federal Reserve remember Paul A. Volcker for his courage and devotion to public service. Read their tributes to him here.


Former Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama expressed their admiration for Paul Volcker and his public service legacy.
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The Volcker Alliance honors the life and legacy of our founder, Paul A. Volcker. Mr. Volcker passed away on December 8.

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New research estimates that the United States holds over one trillion dollars of liabilities for deferred infrastructure maintenance
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Commentary: Chris Hamel

"The usefulness of benchmarking of government financial performance can be seen in the work of the Volcker Alliance."


The researchers' use of data from the Truth and Integrity in State Budgeting project shows the work's impact, even outside of fiscal policy circles.

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On Nov. 20, we hosted a webinar on the best state capital budgeting practices, focusing on infrastructure needs.

Commentary: Gaurav Vasisht

Congress should ask the Fed to disclose targeted data on enforcement actions in its upcoming supervision and regulation report.