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In this virtual panel, experts discussed how governments can deploy fiscal reserves to preserve essential services.

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The first live briefing was attended by over 400 listeners from at least forty-three states across the country.

Commentary: William Glasgall

While we urge states to pursue sustainable budget practices, states will need to be adaptable with their budgets during the pandemic.

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The seminar aimed to accelerate schools’ planning around expanded engagement of undergraduate learners in public service education.

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In this online briefing, experts discussed strategies for surmounting the fiscal challenges the pandemic poses for states and cities.

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The Fed will buy $500 billion of short-term debt from states and localities, a much-needed move for governments during the pandemic.

Commentary: Thomas W. Ross

The success of our response to this crisis hinges in large part on the talent, preparedness, and dedication of our government workforce.

Commentary: William Rhodes

A rapid, “V-shaped” economic rebound after coronavirus passes seems increasingly unlikely. Policymakers must gird for a long haul back.


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