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Experts discuss how the FED's Municipal Liquidity Facility may help states, counties, cities, and public agencies offset revenue shortfalls


Cordero was the manager of the Targeted Local Hiring Program (TLHP), an innovative workforce development program for the City of LA.

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This briefing covered how states and localities will use aid provided in the CARES Act, the Fed’s Municipal Lending Facility, and more.

Commentary: Thomas W. Ross

The team at the Volcker Alliance extends our heartfelt and sincere gratitude to public servants everywhere.


Legendary investor Warren Buffett recommended two must-read books, including "Keeping At It" by Paul Volcker.

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Scholars, economists, and accomplished public servants share their perspectives on the state of government and its future.


The engaging collection of essays from leading thinkers on effective government is available for purchase from Penn University Press.

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Panelists discussed which cities may be most vulnerable to budgetary shocks resulting from COVID-19 and strategies for recovery.
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Podcast: William Glasgall

William Glasgall explores deficits, budget cuts, rainy day funds, and borrowing options amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Paul Burton hosts.