State Budget Sources Guide Updated


Navigating various websites in search of key fiscal decisions and budget information for any state can be daunting for policy advocates, journalists, academics, concerned citizens, and even public officials. The Volcker Alliance’s recently updated State Budget Sources, a guide originally developed in partnership with Katherine Barret and Richard Greene, is an invaluable centralized resource with links to relevant agencies, transparency resources, and key fiscal reports for all fifty states. 

Cross state research and connections can begin with this resource, as each of these pages include links to items such as each state’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report which enables readers to begin apples-to-apples comparisons with standards set by GASB. Additionally, state practioners and researchers alike can discover new policy ideas by finding not only key reports for another state but also the surrounding context of which local NGOs are involved in the budget process, also listed on each state’s page.  

Each page includes state’s budget, as well as legislative analyses of budget bills and treasurers’ or comptrollers’ monthly state cash-flow statements; capital spending plans; reports on public-worker pension funding and returns; and reports by local and national fiscal research organizations, bond rating firms, and associations of state fiscal and finance officials. 

“Understanding a state and their budget is never a one step process, but with our State Budget Source guide you can have a central starting point.” says William Glasgall, Senior Director, Public Finance, describing the power of this guide. 

Visit the State Budget Sources page to access these resources, featuring a clickable map and a ready to print PDF report card for each state.