‘LevelUp Gov’ Competition Challenges Gen Z to Design Public Service Marketing Campaign



Today the Volcker Alliance—a nonprofit founded by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker—launched a new initiative, LevelUp Gov. LevelUp Gov is a groundbreaking competition to generate ideas for attracting a new generation of technology professionals into federal public service jobs, supported by Schmidt Futures. 

Technological innovation and our nation’s welfare are tightly linked. In order to shape and protect the nation’s future—avert the climate crisis, accelerate the transition to green energy, modernize crumbling transit systems and infrastructure—America must deploy technology creatively and equitably. One promising approach is to equip the government with the fiercest, sharpest tech talent.

Unfortunately, not enough people with cutting-edge tech skills are interested in a career in government. Only 3 percent of information technology workers in the federal government are under the age of 30, while over half are approaching retirement.

LevelUp Gov: A Public Service Marketing Challenge aims to address that need by inviting Gen Z to create fresh, bold messaging that inspires early-career technologists to pursue government careers. Two winners will receive a cash prize of $10,000 each, and two finalists will be awarded $2,500 each. Members of Gen Z with a passion for public service and a flair for marketing, social media, or design are invited to participate. 

“We’re excited to see the creative ways Gen Z-ers suggest leveling up the bureaucratic brand,” said Sara Mogulescu, President of the Volcker Alliance. “Inspired by our founder Paul Volcker, who was passionate about the imperative and reward of public service, this challenge is designed to inspire early-career technologists to use their skills for good in the government and change the world.”

Full contest details and submission information are available at www.volckeralliance.org/LevelUpGov. Submissions will close on January 8, 2023.