Structural Reforms

Commentary: Thomas W. Ross

The Volcker Alliance president shares his thoughts on "Elevating Human Capital: Reframing OPM’s Leadership Imperative."

Commentary: Francis Fukuyama

Among the institutional reform issues that the incoming Biden Administration needs to address is an overhaul of the federal civil service.

Commentary: Paul C. Light

Paul Light makes the case for a fix-government-fast reform agenda that provides a framework and game plan for a first Biden administration.

Commentary: Donald F. Kettl

The president’s executive order sweeps aside 140 years of federal policy promoting professional expertise.


This Order could subject federal employees to “a political loyalty test,” hindering their ability to make the best decisions for Americans.

News: Event Coverage

Join this workshop to find out how public servants can turn this moment of crisis into an opportunity to rebuild trust in government.


We must find ways to ensure that government delivers results for all people—fairly, equitably, and without bias or prejudice.


In addition to a recent media briefing in DC, Senior Fellow Paul C. Light’s work was cited by the Washington Post and CNN.

Press Releases

Voters who believe there is a need for major government reform may be the ones to determine the results of the 2020 election.


Barrett and Greene assess the state of performance improvement efforts, especially in state and local governments.


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