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The panel discussed lessons states and localities have learned from the Cares Act passed earlier this year and what may be in store.

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The briefing covered how states and localities are addressing trillions of dollars in retirement obligations amid COVID-19 fiscal stress.

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Experts discuss how infrastructure spending cutbacks related to COVID-19 may affect the economy, jobs, and the municipal market

Commentary: William Glasgall

COVID-19 is driving state and local governments to balance budgets by postponing infrastructure work and other initiatives.


Volcker Alliance board members, Richard Ravitch and Antonio Weiss, discuss whether states and cities could financially recover from the pandemic.

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Experts discuss how US mayors are managing the fiscal, societal, and operational stresses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Webinar covering how the federal government can help states and cities cope with the economic impact of COVID-19.

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This convening will bring together national and local political officials, economists, university leaders, researchers, and more.

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Experts examine the steps that public officials are deploying for the recession and eventual recovery, as well as their need for further federal aid.

Commentary: Antonio Weiss, Richard Ravitch, Francis Fukuyama

Three board members share their thoughts on challenges posed by the pandemic.


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