Government Services

Commentary: William Rhodes

Read "Mind the Gap" in Reuters and "Wirecard is a wake-up call on regulatory weakness" in The Banker.

Commentary: Donald F. Kettl

The president’s executive order sweeps aside 140 years of federal policy promoting professional expertise.

Commentary: Antonio Weiss, Richard Ravitch, Francis Fukuyama

Three board members share their thoughts on challenges posed by the pandemic.
Government Services

Blog: Peter Morrissey

The pandemic has shed light on the aspects of government upon which we desperately depend. The procurement space is no exception.

News: Event Coverage

Panelists discussed which cities may be most vulnerable to budgetary shocks resulting from COVID-19 and strategies for recovery.

Press Releases

The first live briefing was attended by over 400 listeners from at least forty-three states across the country.

News: Event Coverage

In this online briefing, experts discussed strategies for surmounting the fiscal challenges the pandemic poses for states and cities.

Commentary: Thomas W. Ross

The success of our response to this crisis hinges in large part on the talent, preparedness, and dedication of our government workforce.

Commentary: William Rhodes

A rapid, “V-shaped” economic rebound after coronavirus passes seems increasingly unlikely. Policymakers must gird for a long haul back.


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