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Tuesday, July 21, 2020
The Volcker Alliance and ASU Watts College
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The Next Generation Service Partnership Information Sharing Network is open to any representative from a School of Public Service who is interested in expanding undergraduate public service education. Network members are invited to participate in a series of structured webinars and interactive sessions to share information about ASU’s Public Service Academy model and other promising approaches to undergraduate public service education. You can learn more about NextGen Service and sign up to be a part of our Information Sharing Network here.

Student-Athletes as Student-Activists: Expanding the Reach of Schools of Public Service

January 29, 2021

Social justice protests among professional and student-athletes have launched college athletics into an intensely political space. Student-athletes are more energized than ever to use their platform to pursue social change and Schools of Public Service can provide the tools to help student-athletes constructively channel their activism into impact.

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Department of Athletics at The Ohio State University are partnering to help undergraduate student-athletes effectively navigate their newfound political role. This conversation featured The Ohio State University’s Trevor Brown, Dean of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Director of Athletics Gene Smith, and student-athlete Kristen Romano. Attendees learned about the new collaboration between the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Athletics Department and explored ways Schools of Public Service can leverage curricula and expertise to engage student-athletes.


Next Generation Service Corps: The Student Experience

September 1, 2020

The second NextGen Service Information Sharing Network webinar covered ASU's Public Service Academy and Next Generation Service Corps (NGSC) from a student perspective. We were joined by current NGSC students Joshua Pardhe and Summer Hassan. Josh serves as Chief of Staff of the program, which is a responsibility earned by the semester's top student leader. Summer Hassan is a junior transfer student in the NGSC, who came to ASU after earning her medical degree from Caribbean Medical University and also runs a nonprofit.


Public Service Academy: The Implementation Story

June 26, 2020

Session 1 panelists included Jonathan Koppell, Dean of Watts College, and Jessica Eldridge, the staff member charged with the initial research, coalition-building, and execution of the concept. Jonathan and Jessica discussed key decisions made at the early stages of planning and implementation, while also highlighting options ASU chose not to pursue and why.