Public Service Excellence Program

The central focus of the Volcker Alliance is to sustain public service excellence by drawing attention to the need for strong professional education and relevant research. To that end, the Public Service Excellence Program collaborates with interested universities and governments. The objective is to help build a highly capable public service, ready and able to efficiently carry out effective public policies at all levels of government. Launched in 2015, this program works to enhance the role of schools of public policy and administration as beacons of public service education and research. The Alliance partners with these schools to execute specific projects designed to determine how best to educate, train, and motivate the current and next generation of great public administrators.

Government agencies at all levels face management challenges of immense scale and complexity. Far too often, management failures have contributed to the often expressed sense that government can’t be trusted. Through both their teaching and their research, professional schools that prepare people for public service should be a powerful lever for strengthening government administration. Schools can work with practitioners to identify critical skills and knowledge and develop educational offerings to meet distinct public service challenges. Their research agendas can suggest innovative solutions to the increasingly complex challenge of effectively executing government programs and policies.

The Alliance’s Public Service Excellence program works with schools, government agencies, and other nonprofit and private organizations that share our concerns in the following areas:

Current Projects

Preparing Tomorrow’s Public Service is an initiative of the Volcker Alliance focused on spurring educational innovation to meet the challenges of complex governance in the future.
Renewing America’s Civil Service is a joint initiative of the Partnership for Public Service and the Volcker Alliance to press for an overhaul of the outdated federal civil service system. Backed by a bipartisan group of leaders from across sectors, we are focused on identifying tangible legislative and executive branch solutions to the most severe problems in the government personnel system.
The Volcker Alliance partnered with leading schools of public policy and administration to understand and produce a working paper on how the community balances consideration of faculty research, teaching, and service.