Pittsburgh G2U Regional Network

The G2U Pittsburgh Regional Network is pursuing opportunities to better prepare and strengthen the pipeline of talent from local universities into government and explore approaches to systematizing research exchanges focused on solving pressing government operational and management issues. The Pittsburgh Regional Network was launched in February 2020 and aims to better match students from Pittsburgh’s many universities with government job opportunities at the state, federal, local, and county levels.

The G2U Pittsburgh Regional Network is currently pursuing two priority areas of work:

  1. Launching a Public Service Messaging Campaign, with the goal of increasing awareness of the value and full spectrum of job opportunities in government among college and university students and recent graduates in the Pittsburgh Region. To accomplish this, the network has launched a G2U Pittsburgh Instagram account featuring posts and short videos designed to inspire new interest in public service employment opportunities for job seekers. Follow their Instagram account here.

  2. Holding “Intel Sharing” convenings between university career services professionals and government hiring managers to provide stakeholders real-time information to help students successfully find and apply for government jobs.

The G2U Pittsburgh Regional Council is led by Metro21: Smart Cities Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, which focuses on innovation bringing people, technology, and policy together to significantly improve quality of life in metropolitan areas.