The Ohio State University's John Glenn College of Public Affairs

The Glenn College’s overarching duty is to “inspire citizenship and develop leadership” in the public sector through pursuit of a five-fold mission:

  • Foster the creation of knowledge of public affairs and to disseminate knowledge of public affairs to students, public affairs professionals, and citizens to enable them to make positive impacts on communities, states and regions, the nation, and the international community

  • Promote excellence in education in public policy analysis and management in an interdisciplinary framework

  • Engage faculty, staff, and students from throughout The Ohio State University in ongoing relationships with the public and non-profit sectors in order to impact the critical issues facing society

  • Prepare leaders for the public and non-profit sectors by means of curricular and extra-curricular programs

  • Engage public officials, representatives of public groups and citizens in dialog, deliberation, and action to improve the performance of democratic governance

To learn more, visit the Glenn College website.