North Carolina G2U Regional Network

North Carolina’s G2U Network is a subset of the work of the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships, which facilitates government-university partnerships to support state agencies’ efforts to bolster research capacity, strengthen the state government talent pipeline, and improve government policy and programmatic functions. Through this work, the Network engages with a broad and diverse set of cross-sector partners – researchers, students, philanthropy, agency officials, nonprofits – from across the state. 

A priority for North Carolina’s G2U Network is to develop an online portal to match university research capacity with North Carolina State Government agencies’ research and partnership opportunities. The Network is also building a database of contact and other relevant information to help North Carolina’s state agencies and 110 institutions of higher education collaborate on talent recruitment efforts. 

The North Carolina Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) leads the North Carolina G2U effort. OSP increases and enhances partnerships between state government and North Carolina’s renowned research institutions and philanthropic sector. This includes elevating the State’s internal capacity to use and generate evidence in its policy and programmatic functions. OSP does this in part by building and enhancing collaborative networks of public officials and research partners. OSP is housed in the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management, which includes data-driven and evidence-based decision-making among its priorities.