Johns Hopkins University Centers for Civic Impact

The work of Centers for Civic Impact (Civic Impact) goes far beyond charts and white papers. Civic Impact empowers governments and nonprofits around the world to make transformational change so that residents live and thrive in their communities. Whether it’s greater access to health clinics, connecting disadvantaged youth to employment, or increasing the availability of affordable housing, we know from experience that change is more effective and impactful when it is based on data and evidence.

Civic Impact is committed to problem-solving using a blended model of building data programs, deepening workforce skills, and putting good ideas to work. Civic help the public sector and NGOs to:

-   Effectively deliver services and solutions which improve people’s lives
-   Practically build the skills needed to make data-driven change through a suite of tools including training, customized coaching, and a continuously evolving library of actionable resources
-   Strategically promote research and its practical application in crucial government policy areas such as equity, economic opportunity, community health, sustainability, public safety, and transportation

There are three centers which are part of Civic Impact, uniquely positioned as a one-stop-shop, to help governments find solutions that immediately meet their real-world needs:

-   Center for Government Excellence: Coaching and technical assistance
-   GovEx Academy: Training and education
-   Center for Applied Public Research: Evidence-based research and its application

By leveraging the educational and research assets of Johns Hopkins University, Civic Impact is the strongest partner anywhere when it comes to understanding the quality and availability of critical data for the public sector, researchers, NGOs, and other stakeholders.

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